Italian furniture is lack of uniform standards for a long time

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-27

Italian furniture in the market, the basic no a unified standard of price, the reason is that it is difficult to introduce such a system. At home a lot of people selling Italian furniture, but lack clear firm offers, the lack of a unified industry standard and furniture industry, the lack of effective price certification system and system management system has a lot to do.

in the Italian furniture product difference is bigger, seems to be the same thing, some real wood texture is some synthetic wood, have a plenty of genuine leather or imitation leather, basic only merchants know their goods worth.

was so much surprised hong said: not a famous brand in the world, and none of the one hundred - year - old price discount, the key is manufacturer should have brand awareness, calling for the furniture industry firm offers sales, kid sou have no deceit price integrity system. ”

although we can't confirm the prices of the goods, but we can choose a big brand, big brand of quality guaranteed, after-sales service in place, also like emperor furniture, professional do high copy furniture, Italy is very famous in the industry, can go and see.

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