Italian furniture design style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

modern furniture to join in common sense: Italian furniture design style. For decades, Italian style with its fine design and image and spread all over the world. In the field of decoration, after the baptism of the second world war and test,. 。 。

for decades, Italian style with its fine design and image and spread all over the world.

in the field of decoration, after the baptism of the second world war and the test, the Italian design concept to rise in the world, and occupied a dominant position. In fact, as early as 1946 years, some colleges and universities graduate or graduating from professional design of young designer will have the opportunity in the world stage.

after the second world war, under the circumstances of rebuild their homes, people try to build a new residence, and in a whole new concept of furniture to meet the needs of people at that time, so the traditional craftsmen to small and medium-sized industrial enterprises transformation, make it formed an army of potential industry, has become an integral and indispensable part of the main Italian style, especially on household environment has produced genuine design style.

in the aspect of furniture, Italian furniture, with its long history in the homes of ancient Rome, Pompeii and giuliano villa, people can find out their historical origin, including 15 th-century Florence and heyday Renaissance masterpiece. In the mid - 1950 - s, before the war of the neoclassicism style craftsmen Qiao Pengdi, designed and developed a kind of super light type chair, produced on the basis of the design methodology. Him from a region in the early 19th century from the rev avva manual inspired in the chair, chair leg part for improvement, remove the destruction of the whole structure of wood, excess according to the style of the original designed the new chair, that was later accepted by the representative of the Italian style. At the same time, the technology progress in the field of decoration and the emergence of the new material decided the evolution of Italian design style, and make the designers and emerging entrepreneurs know that don't have to take all the manpower and material resources to produce a heavy product, new technology and material should be used to realize the so-called soft elegant furniture.

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