It is very important to how to choose the sitting room sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

leisure time is always short, returned home after a long working hours, and most want is to lie on the sofa for a good rest for a while, then the living room sofa indispensable, good sofa can let oneself be gentle, so good sofa where in the hell?

1, the surface material is

general skin end-to-end + 2 leather sofa leather, leather sofa head skin luster, smooth no scarring, skin texture and fine grain visible; There are flocking cloth art sofa, pure cotton, linen and other materials, generally good cloth art sofa has cotton lining.

> 2, good internal padding

good inside the sofa cushion will use density in 30 kg/m3; Above, high-elastic foam sponge filling back cushion use density of 25 kg/m&sup 3; The above foam sponge filling. Some sofa in order to maintain the overall comfort, even inside the cushion design vertical springs, the pursuit of comfort.

3, internal pad high quality

good sofa seat and back of the bottom will use nylon tape and snake spring cross network structure, bedding high elastic foam, spray adhesive cotton and light body, good resilience, sit feels comfortable.

know better living room sofa, then how do you choose?

say first material difference, the feeling of leather sofas and born on the senior, give priority to with leather fabrics, sit comfortable, clean and convenient, can wipe; Cloth art sofa fabric is given priority to with cloth, colour is gorgeous, fashionable, affordable, suitable for mass consumption, has abound change color and vivid pattern design, soft comfort.

the difference on the price, don't want to know, the price of the leather sofa is generally higher than that of cloth art sofa, even some leather sofa price can buy a few cloth sofa, this is the economic capacity of consumers.

in addition, in the choice of color, sure to fit the mass-tone attune of the decoration style. Color to choose well, that's the icing on the cake, choose bad, it's all sorts of weird. So suggest some too revealing, visible choose sofa, gray, white, brown, blue, etc is generally not easy to get wrong.

the fresh toya, of the sitting room, just like the first love of a good sofa in the sitting room space is bearing the weight of most leisure time in life, good sofa can let household life more comfortable and more colors.

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