Is suitable for the deck chair on the balcony

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-03

always thought wherever you live, you must have a perfect hold yourself, let yourself completely relaxed single person sofa or chair. Where is close to the balcony, lie down in good weather and sit on it, put on a small blanket, put a book on the leg, lying on the side a few cups and bluetooth speakers, so the afternoon sun.

1。 Imola chair

Boconcept Imola chair

always feel comfortable sofa can certainly and your body fully fit, like wrapped live, comfortable don't want to lie down after got up.

BoConcept1952 years brand in Denmark, it home furniture is no problem of the northern wind, in addition to external concise warmth, emphasis on the function and design of furniture very much, too.

the imola deck chair is put in the home, it will let household high level to more than one class. And radian and the design of highly super human nature really is there! Flawless sense I want that kind of package & throughout; , depression can be designed very good support to hold the leg, knee bends naturally.

2。 Butterfly chairs

Hardoy Butterfly chair

if your home is a small family, not suitable for furniture is too heavy, I strongly recommend this chair! Casual, light and a sense of design, in the sitting room is not at all was poor.

Butterfly Chair also called Hardoy” Or BKF chair” , is three Argentina designer in a design of Argentina's apartment, in order to match with the apartment for was designed, the results did not think of this chair comes out, became a household world web celebrity, is now the exit rate is quite high.

Butterfly Chair is cortical, but does not affect his own completely with cool and refreshing feeling. Autumn after the weather is cooler, then can use tie-in fur and pillow.

3。 Chair of the uterus

listen to the name alone will feel is a very comfortable chair, a super super super classic designs. If I must choose from many single person sofa and chairs, I will choose the Womb chair ~

Womb chair is famous Finland architect erro. Sand should be world-class furniture design master Florence Knoll invited, designed chair body wrapped in a layer of soft cashmere cloth. Sit on one kind of chair is the feeling of tender hug, comfortable and safe as in the mother's womb, hence the name.

4。 Coconut chair

the most don't like bondage cool girl might as well try coconut chair, the chair, as the name implies, named because of the appearance of design like coconut shell. Although the name is Q, is filled with a kind of art itself cool ', appearance is simple but has a visual impact.

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