Is an OBM?
Foshan James Bond Furniture Co.,Ltd is on the way to be an OBM. The OBM sells the goods under their own brand name in order to add value. Now many Chinese companies are moving from the current OEM stage to OBM to secure a bigger share in the increasingly competitive global market.

James Bond Furniture constantly pursues high performance and manufactures high quality classical coffee table and solutions. As one of 's multiple product series, Classical leisure chair series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. James Bond classic bed has been verified in line with various requirements on quality, such as LED driver and chips. It is tested that it can operate normally under a stressed and rigorous environment. The product has the advantage of high color fastness. This product is highly recommended for its high quality and versatility. Strong bearing capacity highly enables its durability.

Grasping opportunities for the development of James Bond, we are committed to becoming a leading internationally renowned classical coffee table supplier. Get an offer!
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