Introduction to solid wood furniture drying technology

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-29
By the consumers' environmental protection consciousness gradually increase and the influence of national energy conservation and emissions reduction called for, the development and application of solid wood furniture drying technology is a force to be reckoned with in the, is growing up. Solid wood furniture, production cycle is long, the production process is relatively complicated, the wood drying process, has been the focus of attention in the industry, at the same time is also a difficult problem in industry recognized. Brand solid wood furniture in the market we all know that in the processing of solid wood furniture is a kind of use made of solid wood furniture, equipment, and he before using as a kind of wood is has the certain moisture and humidity. But when made of solid wood furniture, this situation is not conducive to production for this in the process also need a step. Brand in the production of solid wood furniture at ordinary times required to produce the real wood when buying back, not log the trunk, but after a timber merchant of the specifications of the processed material - — Thickness is 3 - Article 6 cm of solid wood square. The real wood article party has done in the past in front of the timber merchant sales grease, pesticides, dry processing. But the wood in the process of timber merchant's store is hygroscopic, moisture content will be improved. So we want will be solid wood square before use, put in the oven for drying. When putting the each layer of real wood on leaving gaps, to increase the air liquidity. Oven external use steam for heating boiler, steam from evenly around the air is heated in the oven, thus heating wood. Article (due to heat and make the moisture in the body. There are several fan in the oven, can make the air in the oven for internal flow, also can exchange inside and outside air, so as to improve the drying speed. Wood drying is a uniform, the process of steam pressure and room temperature has strict control requirements, if improve the steam pressure and room temperature quickly, too fast and make the wood surface crack can lead to dehydration. After 120 hours of heated for 48 hours to cool naturally. The process cycle, generally the whole furnace drying time is 7 days. In the process of cooling water to evaporate, finally pulled out when the moisture content is in commonly 6 - 8%. The moisture content of real wood moisture meter test with professional. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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