Interpretation of natural simple furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-04

what is a natural contracted? How to behave on furniture? Sum up, the natural contracted furniture basically has the following three kinds of interpretation.

1, the natural material

natural contracted furniture made from materials, mainly show the exclusive nature of pure and natural. Wool flannel warm glow, with a cordial sweet embrace environment; Stainless steel with leather, leng yan and texture, sending out the unique filar silk luxury; Glass bright height, without losing the original face of, with some people write in an ornate style, add the beautiful view of nature; As for wood, habit in modern air conditioning room, rare nature, bring the native pure and fresh and cool. The use of material is nimble, single, combination, has a protean manifestations, challenges designers unconstrained style originality.

2, modelling concise

contracted appearance in the composition of the fluid, is vivid, natural original excessive carve, at best just vanity surface, customers-want artificial carving, therefore has a neat line of simple furniture, only has the original natural pure style; The line of simple straight lines, squares, low-key soft adornment, all telling the modelling concise is very creative, a perfect natural contracted furniture without unnecessary wordiness, invisible natural temperament, naturally reveal in convey the concept of silent, everything appears refined nature.

3, pragmatic

just began to have furniture is used to do? Is actually used, of course, the all things of the earth has the significance of its existence, so natural contracted furniture's greatest value in practical, as to the atmosphere build, space, decoration are additional external, once let the user feel convenient and comfortable, this is the good furniture; And harmonious and elegant appearance and function, the combination of furniture is further both aesthetic and practical, of course this is expected to reach perfection design.

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