Integral collocation of contemporary and contracted furniture in the home environment

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

as the changes of The Times and the development of the society, the development of the industry must also adapt to changing times, in living in adornment is the most contemporary and contracted style to meet the needs of consumers of furniture items, of course, for the collocation of whole or have different requirements.

1, comparative color contrast, contemporary and contracted style of black and white color is one of the most common contrast of contemporary and contracted style furniture, elegant and romantic white black form sharp contrast, foil gives a feeling of fashionable avant-courier, especially the furniture in the sitting room is bigger, often used as the main color black and white. Pictured above use white cotton cloth art sofa, give a person a kind of lazy and comfortable feeling, the tea table is black, especially fashion elegant, scattered on the couch pillow mixed with a small number of black and white color natural transition can be achieved. The color not only can be used in the large family, also can be used in small family furniture, can well with the white walls of the small family room. Contrasting colors besides black and white and there are many, such as beige, brown, gray and white and so on.

2, jump color

the design of contemporary and contracted style is mainly reflected in the general layout, the structure is simple, convenient and comfortable feeling to the person, on the shape of the furniture and the colour, however, is not necessarily simple oh! Furniture colour collocation is often the most can reflect the design ideas, the appropriate use of color can let a bedroom, there are bright spots. Above the colour fundamental key of the sitting room is brown and white, if do not have the ornament of color looks too drab, so sofa is used bright yellow, instant color is released, let whole home become beautiful and lively, but if you want to jump to big furniture USES color, small family model is not suitable for oh!


log color contemporary and contracted style of furniture also use log color, this kind of collocation is easy to create a comfortable and healthy atmosphere, cater to modern people's pursuit of healthy household life idea, however, in contemporary and contracted style is decorated in the use of the original wood color tend to be dark, so more accord with the temperament of contemporary and contracted furniture. When selecting a log color solid wood furniture must pay attention to the simple sense of lumber, otherwise the light color in place, do manual work is not does not look good decoration effect.

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