Inspection of furniture need to pay attention to four o 'clock

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

contemporary and contracted furniture distribution: inspection furniture need to pay attention to four o 'clock. As a furniture wholesale dealers, choosing a reliable quality furniture production enterprises is the key. Entered this industry, quality inspection furniture or not in fact as long as it is good to look at a few little detail. , emperor furniture, put forward the following Suggestions:

the structure

check the furniture whether the framework has good, strong, gently push the furniture with the hand, if a rock or a creaking sound, structure is firm. To check the verticality furniture: when plane diagonal length is greater than 1 m, vertical direction error should be less than 1. 5 mm; Less than 1 meter, the error should be under 1 mm. To check its warp degrees: when the plane diagonal length is greater than 1. 4 meters, warp degrees should be less than 2 mm, when the diagonal length is less than 0. 7 meters, warp degrees should be less than 0. 5 mm.

the size

furniture not only to be beautiful, more important is practical. The size of the furniture is in line with the principle of human body engineering, conformed to the specified size, determines the furniture is convenient to use or not.

look look

because decorate furniture should be made of color, texture, and other woodworking patterns such as harmonious collocation, so, they are facing material, paint process, etc. Basically the same. Checks on the quality of decoration furniture appearance similar to check the appearance quality of package doors and Windows have outside. Aimin decoration provide basically is to see the surface coating is smooth and bright, with and without flow falling, quality defects such as bubbles, wrinkles; It remains to be seen whether panels of off color, decorative pattern is consistent, is there any point of corrosion, the loose knot, broken, etc. ; A variety of man-made board processing components sealing side close flat, do you have any degumming, surface smooth level off, do you have any knock against.


furniture measures not fine workmanship, can be observed from combination part, the furniture, the rationality of the link between each component and fastness. The overall structure of the furniture, each connection, including horizontal and vertical connection must be closed, cannot have crack, not loose. Drawers and cupboard door opening and closing flexible, return true.

should be polished clean, surrounding the glass door opening and closing flexible, no collapse holes, scratches, the four symmetrical, clasp hands correct position. Article various Angle, pressure bar, the track's installation position should be correct, firm level, open and flexible.

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