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by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

in home life, the color can reflect the different atmosphere in the room, such as soft and romantic color, such as the elegant and beautiful color, so furniture collocation must take into account the color style, to choose collocation bedroom color should be in accordance with the master's psychological feeling for the principle, circumstances are warm color and cool color to move normally, indoor tie-in skill - let us know - - - - - - Color paper.

elegant graceful tone: center for rose and lavender color, carpet with pale rose, with thicker than carpet some rosy sofa, curtain optional lavender floral, chimney and cheeks or purple light pole, put some green cushion for leaning on and potted plant ornament, walls and furniture USES gray, elegant and graceful effect can be obtained. Soft and romantic tone: center for soft pink. Carpet, chimney, the curtain with red and white, white furniture, room local ornament light blue, have romance atmosphere. Smart and exquisite tone: center color is yellow, and orange. Orange carpet, curtain, bedspread with yellow and printed fabric, sofa, ceiling, with gray to move, add some greenery foils, chic atmosphere. Elegant and beautiful tone: center color is pink. Pink sofa, chimney, curtain, cushion for leaning on, use pink prints, floor pale brown, milk white walls, this color is suitable for young woman and girls. Luxuriant and pure and fresh and tone: center for wine red, blue and gold color, sofa with wine red, red carpet for the dark soil, metope USES bright cream-colored, local gold ornament, such as gold-plated wall lamp, plus some blue as auxiliary, luxuriant and pure and fresh style.
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