Indoor household colour collocation effect

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

indoor household colour is a significant role in living in adornment, it can arouse people's inner feelings, the household can bring you a colorful life. Today let's take a look at, all sorts of indoor household colour collocation can build what effect respectively.

red has the meaning of passion, joy, is the most warm color, decorated indoors with a red can increase the festive atmosphere. Orange is a lively color, can build the cheerful atmosphere, the pursuit of fashionable young people can boldly to try. Yellow is more bright, no weight, can make the space more intense, active, very suitable for young people's choice. Green is not as yellow as bright eye, can create a natural and pure and fresh feeling. Blue relatively neutral, give a person a kind of reason, pure feeling. The representative of the purple is a mysterious, but also with an elegant, can give a person leave deep impression. Black and white ash the joker is also the most able to bear or endure look, color is won't make mistake, loved by designers, points minutes to build contemporary and contracted style.

flexible use of various indoor household colour, make your idea of a home.

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