Indoor furniture is put

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

indoor furniture is put where appropriate, be helpful for people's activities and health, but also conducive to the protection of furniture. So, indoor furniture is put what mistake? What are the considerations?

1, sofa should not be put in the place where the sunlight, in order to avoid the sun basked fades and desiccation and direct sunlight is unfavorable to sit on sofa to rest.

2, audio equipment should not be near the window. TV screen is light, can produce reflective effect, let a person enjoy show eyes uncomfortable, at the same time, the TV will be stained with dust or rain, the leakage occurs.

3, the room is too low, indoor unfavorable Ann droplight. Otherwise, people walking in the house is not convenient.

4, desk shoulds not be too high or too low, just below the elbow work effortlessly, condole top best don't more than 2 meters distance with the ground. Chest, bookcase the first layer is best it is advisable to place the object in order to smooth inspect to see, the second to reach high is preferable to something is advisable.

5, the other side of the bed should not put the mirror, because the mirror reflection other things easily frightened, adverse to sleep.

that's about the pitfalls of indoor furniture is put and matters needing attention.

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