In the sitting room sofa setting wall decoration design should be

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

the sitting room decorate in household environment is particularly important and is the main furniture sofa in the sitting room, according to the design to match the style of sitting room sofa sofa setting wall, colour collocation and personal interests also want to two or morethings, many families in the adornment of wall decoration is not sofa, lead to late after the completion of the whole household adornment always feel unsatisfied. Today to say sofa decorative design of the wall.

1, small family the setting wall of sitting room sofa design approach, width of the sitting room of small family background wall area is very small also basic only enough to put a piece of sofa, wall to keep white design can make a partition, cabinet and open so as not to appear too drab pale white. The low-end can put a side a few of metope, sofa also need not put against the wall, it's easy for storage. Above is the vase made the partition can put a few photos just decorations, such as the presence of these items can have a few adornment effect. Little sitting room is designed so that simple and use can increase the room a lot of sense of design.

2, the whole of the sitting room metope besmear to brush the matcha green latex paint, sofa setting wall also didn't do special difference too, but in order to increase the design feeling of the room and adornment sex can add on a few adornment, the content of adornment is very simple colors and and other decorative color the same room, so it looks can be very harmonious and comfortable, the highlight of this design is the adornment things simple but the collocation of color is very wonderful.

3, the last is a relatively modern sofa setting wall adornment picture, dark gray metope to use metal decoration, golden bright surface decoration on the collocation also is very quality hale and hearty. This kind of modelling design character as a whole is a three-dimensional design, put on the wall for flat also became the stereo, the collocation of dark grey black and gold is also extremely modern elements, only the decoration may need often is not very good cleaning maintenance.

this is combined with the adornment of the sitting room sofa, the sofa background wall decoration ways, some with relatively simple adornment to decorate some have practical function, but in the end the display effect is very good, hope everybody can be designed according to decorate a design ways sofa setting wall with his personality.

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