In the sitting room adornment sofa setting wall color

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

the setting wall of sofa in the sitting room adornment is a decoration, the main points of the wall can let whole household style sofa becomes more prominent, therefore when undertaking decorating design must be the collocation of color, so as to make its have the corresponding effect, today is a modern sofa in the sitting room adornment wall color is tie-in.

in general design of a background wall, besides should focus on its modelling, colour collocation is the most important, not the same color will give to different feelings, is likely to be joyful, may be sad, so be sure to good to the degree of color master, especially as far as possible the purity and lightness of the differences between the two variable to a minimum, so that it can avoid all sorts of weird to appear on the match again. Problem so be sure to distinguish between the primary and secondary of all sorts of color, proportion control can make was becoming more intense.

the process of match again, if color is not good will, of course, not good-looking, but don't put too much gap between color collocation are together, or weird feeling will come out, so we in the design, besides to escape mediocrity, all want to be able to reflect the feeling of personality, so to learn how to do dot eyeball on color collocation, can make the personality of feeling arises spontaneously. Here to teach you how to embody the character of color is tie-in, the cool color to move some gap on larger color added, would be a very good contrast effect.

to explain the highest brightness color, it is white, the lowest is black, the greater the difference between the two, can be found to bring the impact of the visual effect is more strong. If sofa setting wall with mass-tone attune, the lightness of error is not particularly big, you need to learn to will has increased the gap between the two, so that we can make sofa wall is more outstanding, at the same time also can better add stereo feeling.

the above several aspects is the color of the wall in the sitting room sofa collocation, with description of all sorts of color appearance, for example, big red, citric yellow, is actually in order to be able to make sofa wall of stereo obviously, if a house with all the colors are the same color, then the gap is not particularly big, so it's easy to have no distinct feeling, so we can add some appropriate hue and make better results.

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