In the modern furniture of popular one of the most popular several elements

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-02

the development of furniture industry has been good, in recent years, with the diversification of household adornment style, the furniture industry are becoming diversity, according to the data of investigation in recent years, small make up in the furniture industry is the most popular analyzes several points?

1。 Metal elements

these years more and more people like to use the metal color to decorate the home, especially preference restores ancient ways the brassy tone. Regardless of the dark color or pure white household, brassy is fully up there. In the environment that occupy the home, stylist often take different kinds of metal, and all sorts of color mix, or foil atmosphere, or carved details. Key lies in the fact that metal as long as a little bit of color, can light up the whole space, only the simple line is enough eyes, even in the corner, can also be seen.

2。 Terrazzo

as a kind of artificial stone, terrazzo namely different colors and different size of crushed stone, glass, marble, quartz, granite, stir in the cement bonding material made after coagulation products, grinding, polishing products via the surface again. This was once thought to cheap, old materials, in the past two years, in various forms appear constantly, the arbitrary irregular pattern and style, may give more imagination and creation.

5。 Fishbone, herringbone wood floor

jingboran home long time exposure, fan girls in addition to focus on yan, was also his taste it: the legendary 45 & deg; Perfect fishbone spell wood floor, also too good. Herringbone and fishbone grain floor, has recently become the focus of discussion, it's not surprising, because of reasonable, and elegant decoration, when was never out of date. These two kinds of texture, the twists and turns of parallel arrangement pattern, and its own geometric properties, make the ground look neat, strewn at random have send, give a person's perception of restoring ancient ways and fashion.

if your home is given priority to with minimalist or neutral atmosphere of inside collect, might as well use door to a change of pace. To choose an interesting, the color of the bright eye, is becoming a trend. You might as well start from the gate, add a little color and style of your house.

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