In the contemporary and contracted furniture paper art and the pros and cons of cloth art sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

in contemporary and contracted furniture paper art and cloth art sofa what are the advantages and disadvantages of each paper art sofa with animal skins skin. Soft and breathable, feel soft and comfortable to sit in, and the advantage is not easy to get dirty. Dermal sofa according to the thickness of the division, is divided into the thick skin and thin skin, thick leather sofa style very high-grade, has the imposing manner, but thicker cortex, sofa in terms of hardness is higher, more value and thin leather sofa is soft and comfortable, home users to use more many, the thickness of the leather is higher, need regular maintenance, otherwise will lose of the surface gloss of skin.

actual paper art contracted sofa leather sofa is sometimes not all real leather, is usually the long-term use of the location of the human body is cortical, other ingredients leather, color looks very similar in, in terms of price, all the external material is leather sofa, the price is higher. High quality sofa is soft and comfortable, wear-resisting, and looks very shiny. Defect is often cortex service, or luster will fade.
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