In living in adornment after sofa in the sitting room to install shelf will be how

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-28

at the time of home decoration, special attention for the adornment of the sitting room, in terms of the sitting room sofa a lot of family in adornment is used the background wall, actually setting wall is not the only option, the back of the sofa in the sitting room also can hang the picture as a decoration, or with other pendant.

living room sofa on modelling design and colour collocation is very clever. A bookcase is put behind the sofa, also in the bottom of the grid in the same colour as an ornament, this is in line with the overall, also make white bookcase won't appear too drab. There are many different sizes of grid on shelves in the design, these can be used as required, the most distinctive is the back of the sofa, there is a separate partition, used to put flowers, handicrafts, such as adornment effect is very good, very creative, very beautiful.

there are books on the shelves behind the sofa, make the sitting room looks very full. Colorful books, has formed a wonderful picture, to mobilize and activate the atmosphere of the space. Use white clapboard, bookshelf is divided into different shape and size. It looks very distinctive, look is not tasteless. Look at the colour collocation of the bookshelf, peripheral is black, it is white, the classic black and white collocation, under the blue sofa ornament, appear relaxed all the more.

installation on the wall of a simple but practical bookshelf is enough, to get rid of the monotony of simple white wall, at the same time bring home more taste and creativity, combine the sitting room sofa and this bookcase, form a simple living room is also a good choice.

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