In geomantic learn how to put in the sitting room sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-02-15

every friend home inside the sitting room furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa should be a basic furniture, but most of the friends in the sitting room sofa should be how to put a common sense, it is not able to put the sofa, because sofa is we often stay one place, so if the sitting room sofa put the wrong words, the longer we stay in the above, the influence on we will have, the greater the long time at this rate we will only get worse and worse. So small make up today to give you said about the sofa put needed to pay attention to the places, you did have a look at their home sitting room sofa put wrong, so quickly to come here.

1, the sitting room sofa is put into a parcel form best

may be a lot of friends are not very clear what's it like in package form, is the sitting room sofa into a U type, also is in the center of the sitting room position put a longer living room sofa, and then in it on both sides of each put a small sofa, let a sitting room sofa looks like a purse, this money is a structure.

2, remember sitting room sofa beam coping

in our ceiling above every house, beams, we should pay attention to is put in the sitting room sofa, can do not put the sitting room sofa under the crossbar, because is put below the crossbar, coping is beams in fengshui, so we have to have a down, both what to do will be holding up, for our cause and for the future is very bad.

3 don't toward the door, sitting room sofa

there is a great time to put the sitting room sofa must be avoided at the door, so that will be made on fengshui door. Gate is a main channels of air circulation, whether bad or good, will pass through the door there, put the sitting room sofa is opposite the door, the airflow will impact to us, we sit on it will also be affected.

4, don't mirror on the sofa

there are some friends in order to make his home in space look a few bigger, build a kind of wide visual effect, can the living room sofa setting wall with the mirror, but in fact is not can do it, because the mirror is a focus of the object, will be condensed ShaQi, we sat in the front of the mirror for a long time, will also affect our fortunes.

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