Import furniture maintenance of common sense and skill

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-09

import furniture everyone loves upscale atmosphere, want to keep the import of furniture is a brand new appearance can want to fee a lot of attention, learn some imported furniture maintenance of common sense and skill are necessary. Small make up to help you organize these imported furniture and maintenance method, might as well try.

1, the furniture is put should steer clear of heat and humid environment.

the more high-grade imported furniture, material need more care and maintenance, to avoid the entrance furniture placed near the heat source, such as air conditioning or heating, fireplaces, tuyere, dramatic changes in temperature can cause the damage of the exposed part of the furniture. In addition, imported furniture also away from moisture and environment of lampblack, placed in the kitchen or bathroom furniture must be pass moistureproof and anticorrosive processing.

2, imported furniture partition don't put too much weight.

clapboard placing objects should be consistent with the function of furniture, for example, to avoid on the glass partition of antique cabinet placed heavy books, to reduce the likelihood of tilt, put weight on near the bottom of clapboard, rather than near the top of the diaphragm. Some imported furniture manufacturers will provide clapboard bearing instructions and put suggestion, be sure to read.

3, move to be very careful when imported furniture.

import furniture general work is more fine, when we adjust the furniture in the home, lift and drag with violence to make furniture leg deformation or touch is broken. Bookcases, China cabinets, etc. , to remove the internal items carried move again. If it is moving, it should be split into cabinet and convenient handling, and unload clapboard, casters, handles, glass, etc. , packing them separately.

imported leather furniture maintain
leather furniture itself is more high-end, if the damage will be painful, the dermal sofa of how should maintain? 1, the surface of the imported leather sofa is very soft, so the location of the dermal sofa must away from edge tool, such as table table Angle. 2, avoid direct sunlight and high temperature heat source. 3, pay attention to children's writing calligraphy and painting at ordinary ball-point pen and ink pen. If found to have besmirch, with special leather cleaner to clean leather furniture. 4, weekly, and soft cloth to wipe gently with water, a month with smooth leather fat or colorless shoe polish maintenance once a year. If 5, dermal sofa unfortunately be scratched, or a small crack, available color is the same pen to repair, so do not appear to be ugly, but when they burst, how to deal with also cannot be the same as the original.
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