Import furniture keep a brand new method

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-09

a lot of rich people, not many people have a taste, imported furniture by inside and outside send out senior can let a person the feeling of moving eyes open, this also is many people will choose to buy imported furniture that has grade. Do you want to know the secret of senior housewives? Want to know the love of high-grade imported furniture consistent new method? Small make up to tell you.

1, how to keep sofa has soft and smooth?

we should often cushions and pillows to fluff, which helps to adjust the density of filler, can even reduce wear fabric; Especially when we often sat in the same position, must often turn over and exchange pad location, padding restore its natural state, so that your beloved import sofa can keep the original soft and smooth.

2, imported furniture if you need the sunshine sterilization?

don't let the furniture by direct sunlight for a long time, whether for wood, cloth, leather or bamboo rattan, continued exposure, the ultraviolet can produce fine cracks in the coating surface or lead to fade, turning black, textile fiber will be damage, fade away and the qualitative change. When there is no way, but through the curtain to keep out the light.

3, use plastic mat to protect the desktop is a good idea?

some people in order to protect the surface of the table and use plastic cloth or plastic table mat, backfire, chemical composition of plastics will penetrate into coating, dent, soften and fade, even with the desktop adhesion, remove could paint to tear down together.

4。 Import sofa cushion should set which is dirty washed which?

cloth fabric import sofa best use a vacuum cleaner or brush to remove surface dust, because the product in the gap of dust, will wear the fibers of plants. To synchronize when cleaning, don't just think more dirty seat cover cleaning, the longer it can cause overall fabric color is not consistent.

5, pours in the imported furniture on how to deal with?

when any liquid dump on the imported furniture, the first step to do is done with good water imbibition, deerskin towel, towel paper towels and other rapidly absorb liquid, especially cloth fabric of more repeated several times, then depending on the type of liquid and furniture for further processing, avoid by all means is started with cloth to wipe, it will only cause pollution to expand.

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