Imitation solid wood furniture and solid wood hotel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-11-13

on modern hotel furniture from solid wood or not can be divided into solid wood furniture and imitation solid wood hotel furniture, basically all woodiness furniture belong to this pattern, here small make up from the hotel furniture factory will provide you detailed introduce the difference between the imitation solid wood and solid wood and contact.

first say imitation solid wood, imitation solid wood furniture, hotel will look from exterior and pure real wood furniture is no different, basically is the layman don't see any difference, because it's the wood texture, colour and lustre is the same, even with the hand to touch feeling and real wood is not, but anyway it is a mixture of solid wood and man-made board.

besides, solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is made of natural wood furniture, wood pure natural growth, make furniture by machine or by hand directly. Solid wood furniture manufacturing process is very strict, from selection of timber, drying, pick up, all has the strict request to the seam, etc, will be affected by any carelessness led to the deformation of the furniture that cannot be used. From the point of sales, the main force of solid wood furniture worthy, is the owner with hotel furniture fashion choices.

the furniture of real wood furniture is the oldest species, thick solid, of primitive simplicity and durable, it is the first green hotel furniture, modern hotel furniture more pay attention to the material of hotel furniture and environmental performance, in the individual character make public, pay attention to the era of low carbon environmental protection, solid wood and imitation solid wood furniture hotel furniture has suddenly become the mainstream of people consumption.

in addition, the hotel furniture industry special remind, solid wood furniture components combination usually USES the adhesive, finished product generally cannot remove, transportation was very inconvenient.

at present, in the pursuit of returning to nature, boom archaize furniture, solid wood hotel furniture with its irreplaceable dignified, magnificent, elegant temperament is making a comeback. But because of the appearance of solid wood furniture is not stable, easily with the changes of wood moisture content and deformation, so can't let sunshine point-blank, solid wood furniture for indoor environment also has certain requirements, the temperature too high or too low, too dry or too wet environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture.

the place on put together is narrated, imitation solid wood and solid wood hotel furniture each have advantages and disadvantages, the user is when the choose and buy according to your requirements or economic budget sufficient choice, to choose their own products.

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