If autumn wood furniture should be maintenance

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-15

autumn is a harvest season, the air crisp, but autumn is also a dry season, the furniture in the autumn of maintenance and other season is a little different, so the furniture should be how to maintenance, today we should fall under the woodiness furniture if maintenance, avoid misunderstanding & throughout; 。

like light light up at any time, without sharp collision furniture, dustproof, away from heat source, use detergent to clean these and other seasons of the same maintenance methods, such as I will not introduce one by one, and then mainly introduces the different parts of wooden furniture and other fall season and some pitfalls.

in the fall of woodiness furniture to keep wet, a lot of people think that if it weren't for furniture to keep ventilated dry? Yes, but not under dry, dry like wooden furniture if moist, easy to dry, to prevent wooden cracking and deformation, nourish the wood at the same time, extend the service life of furniture, you need to keep moist, but not by water to provide wooden furniture, that is to say, simply can't light with wet dishcloth to wipe, wipe will only make the furniture so damp mildew, but should choose the furniture of a professional nursing essential oil, it is easy to be absorbed by the wood fiber natural orange oil, this is to lock the moisture in wood.

a lot of people will open in the autumn wear let sunshine into the housing according to furniture, when I was a child I would do so, because I think it can ventilation not wet, but later discovered woodiness furniture itself dry autumn, if coupled with sunlight absorb internal moisture is easy to make wooden furniture cracks and fade.

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