Hubei board type furniture disassembly matters needing attention

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-27
Solid wood composite bed furniture manufacturer to remind you the disassembly and installation usually use hardware combination, very convenient. Furniture processing precision is high, can tear open outfit, transportation for many times. Board type furniture can be divided into packaged and disassembly type two kinds. Can't remove the assembled furniture. Of the more important is the demolition waste, barrels and door plank. Basically, all can disassemble and reassemble the parts can be removed. Remove the board type furniture, must first understand its constituent, such as panel, floor, door plank, side panel, suck, bucket, bucket side, fights the tail, the bottom of the bucket, etc; The corresponding hardware fittings, such as the triad, epoxy resin, hinge, handle, and some common screw. Board type furniture with the hardware and tools for dismantling. Generally a triad connection. As long as found in a furniture surface diameter of 15 mm cross nut button cap, it is bedded in wood. Commonly used to remove using drills, screwdrivers, hexagon wrench, art knife and sandpaper. Board type furniture disassembling of ordinary experience: ambry, furniture should be directly from the dresser drawer to be removed, and then removed from the panel in turn; Plank can tear open chest, put down after furniture again down the roof, and down sides, in turn, remove the back and sides. After removed, please remember to put them up, screw placed should concentrate classification. Board type furniture is more afraid of drag on the ground. When transporting small furniture, furniture should be at the bottom of the lift; For big furniture, as far as possible to consult professional moving company. Put when, furniture must put smoothly, avoid deformation caused by local hang furniture. Portable custom furniture must be raised at the same time, avoid dragging on the ground, so as not to damage the furniture or affect the service life of furniture. 442 keywords: remove the board type furniture, board type furniture wholesale, custom board type furniture
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