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by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-10
After a paint, solid wood puzzle, appearance no spell glue line and batten uneven phenomenon, and stable by comparison of physical properties in the process of long-term use; Second, the wood use rate is higher, fit ecological raw materials using criteria. Furniture group in terms of using color and texture, the use of solid wood puzzle decorating plate is more suitable for furniture and decorative function; Three, despite wide sheet solid wood puzzle glue quantity is greater than the solid wood puzzle, but due to the double cladding thick surface veneer of maintenance, and quadrilateral thick veneer edge banding, in fact, as long as 8 double sides adhesive seam, so solid wood puzzle in adhesive glue line through evaporation of chemicals is far lower than solid wood puzzle wide and solid wood line, evaporation, greener and healthier. Four, because core board USES is anisotropic small wood Mosaic, appearance is not flat plate wrpping degree is small, upper and lower double cladding two plane two sub-companies named seaport thick veneer, can eliminate the plate warping uneven deformation and cracking phenomenon, physical strength and can progress sheet in all directions. Solid wood furniture appearance usually can see the real wood texture, simple and stable, with occasional tree bears panel also reflects the pure and fresh and natural raw materials, natural, and no chemical pollution, solid wood furniture is to choose healthy fashionable, noble nature fit modern urbanite heart needs. Solid wood furniture on the raw material selection in domestic solid wood furniture, for example. Modern type fine about brand solid wood furniture in the small family, the trunk stream of the modern fine about board type furniture fashionable, exquisite modelling, short line, the colour of lively bright and beautiful, fit the structure of human body engineering, especially the price is materially beneficial, this kind of product for the working class in the furniture market is still very attractive. Relevant tags: furniture group
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