How to wash cloth and cloth art sofa chair

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

cleaning cloth art chairs and sofas, it should be said is difficult and trouble, but make cloth chair and sofa maintain, they don't stain easily clean rise very convenient also, just dipped into water clean and it is ok to let it dry naturally, so to do a good job of maintenance is very important, if fabric chairs and sofa is dirty? How should the cleaning cloth and cloth art sofa chairs?

in the first place at the time of cleaning, to a dusting of cloth art furniture, dust removal after began to clean, clean generally fall into two kinds, the first is a dry bubble cleaning, the second is washed.

the difference between two kinds of method:

dry bubble cleaning to protect furniture is good, there is no obvious stain, can be in the short term by cleaning disinfection treatment after 1 to 2 hours to dry naturally,

wet cleaning cloth art furniture is widely used for ordinary consumers, generally need more than 4 to 5 hours to dry to restore to its original state, if there are any good sunny climate dry faster, can be focused on the sofa for a long time not cleaned, besmirch stand out, need to wet cleaning.

two kinds of methods of operation:

water cleaning: with professional brush to add thick scrub surface more stubborn dirt of sofa, then carries on the comprehensive with professional sofa washing machine of the second scrub, finally with suction machine comprehensive blot moisture.

dry bubble cleaning: first the seat surface dust, then use to join the sofa of cleaner dry cleaners uniform was carried out on the sofa shallow dirt on the surface of c, scrub, ( C, while cleaning) Final reoccupy water absorption machine comprehensive blot moisture.

general cloth art furniture at least a year to use detergent to wash them clean cloth art furniture health at a time, if you have not clean their ability can go to the professional cleaning cleaning shop.

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