How to taste art household life

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

there are two kinds of tea, is a large bowl of drink don't fine taste just to quench thirst, the other is a quiet room before entering, household life also has two kinds, one is to place an order for furniture needed only for the sake of life, another is the beauty of the experience of furniture design.

love home life, perhaps love its charm refined, maybe its integrity as the great love, or have a special liking to art, love its unique design. Love home life, throughout the household life & have very good; , but the household life it is not a day two days of learning, but a vast project, this article, the author only introduction to art furniture life.

is one of the most important component of household furniture, if you have a certain understanding to the family, so the household life will also have a certain understanding.

color, is a kind of symbolic element symbols, it itself is no feelings, but once associated with people's lives, has become a tool for people to express emotion. In furniture design, the use of color, things the design style of living environment, reflects the professional characteristics of habitant, aesthetic taste and cultural accomplishment.

modelling beauty

the modelling of a successful design, first of all should follow the relation of aesthetics: coarse and fine contrast and comparison of round and square and curved and straight. Because these contrast relation, make furniture appears harmonious, on the shape to create lively and generous, very modern and rhythm.

material beauty

the modelling of household life so to give the viewer with aesthetic feeling, is also based on the material of it. As we know, all the model of furniture is through the material to create forms, there is no suitable material, the unique modelling is difficult to achieve, in terms of furniture, is attached to the material and process technology, and through the technology to show up.

remember Jennifer said that happiness is looking at you quietly lying on the couch that narrow her eyes secretly see my face. You don't know how beautiful your face, you don't know how much your smile intoxicate. At this moment, I only have eyes for you. Perhaps this is the household life.

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