How to take the sofa color?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-30

when buying a sofa in the home, need to consider whether its color coordinate with furniture is beautiful. The sofa collocation of color? Small make up take you know together.

1, determine the main body color

is the main furniture of the sitting room sofa, choose a color needs to see the body of the whole sitting room color. The sofa color according to the sitting room is tonal. Whole sitting room color not sure before, first temporarily not buy sofa.

2, color, no more than three

the sitting room sofa, wall, floor, curtain is relatively large, if are different colors, whole space can appear mixed and disorderly, not one. Sofa color according to the overall color, don't let the whole sitting room color at the same time to follow over three principles, try to choose the color with low lightness, too bright color can stimulate effect to human body.

3, with the curtain with color

besides according to set the color metope, can also be set according to the curtain color. If metope color is white, don't want a joker color, can with the curtains the same color. This sitting room there is a similar color and keep one.

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