How to study furniture of choose and buy?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-31

study furniture commonly composed of bookcase, desk, chair, book shelf. According to the material can be divided into solid wood, board type; Press can be divided into the Chinese style, European style and modern style, its quality and price mainly depends on its material selection, specification, design, workmanship and its sales model. So how to fast and convenient way of selecting study furniture?

study furniture choosing matchs, in principle, should according to the style of the decoration, color, and the grade of the decoration to choose the size of the room. Study furniture of choose and buy best way should be determine before decorate the style of furniture, design, color, and then according to furniture to decorate plan is determined. Why is that? In our everyday study furniture of choose and buy, often encountered such a problem: spend a lot of time, shopping mall, a lot of furniture of choose and buy of study furniture looks alone is also very good, but when put it into the home, only to find that the style of study furniture, color and the style of the decoration color very harmonious, or decorating pattern doesn't match, the size is not too big is too small, is not how, can only buy some cheap, and decorate a style to make do not form a complete set of study furniture, household illuminative integral feeling is very harmonious.

but for an already renovated bedroom, how to choice of study furniture? Will decorate plan is the best way to recover, and then according to the actual situation to decorate the study furniture of choose and buy. Study furniture of choose and buy, generally speaking, study, work, the stable state of mind must keep calm, desk and bookcase can and color with deeper colour of choice. But in this era of the pursuit of individual character style, also might as well choose and lively colour, such as rice white, silver, so that more help to stimulate the imagination and creativity. Sit chair should with revolving chair or cany chair is first selection. Sit in front of the desk study, work, often need to find some relevant books in the bookcase. With wheels swivel chair and portable light cane chair can bring many convenience to you. The revolving chair that designs according to human body engineering is effective bear hold back curve, should be preferred. Pay attention to the strength and structure.

the bookcase in the diaphragm plate should have enough supporting force, bending deformation is in case the last book. Desk mesa support is reasonable, along the horizontal plane visual inspection, check mesa, see if there are intermediate prolapse, bending, and other issues. Desk should be stored files and small items. The most convenient is in the desk on both sides have the out of the drawer. Adult male writing and reading in the height of the desktop in 68 ~ 70 centimeters, the best adult women use height should be 66 ~ 68 centimeters, doesn't accord with human body measure furniture, will increase people's fatigue.

the furniture of the study decorates a method more, baconian rising roughly one word, L and three kinds of U commonly used methods. Frame class configuration, also as far as possible around a fixed point, integral with the table, in order to reduce the movement has no effect. In a specific environment, but also often according to different work content, before and after the use of conterminous, crisscross, primary and secondary has other arrangement, the layout is reasonable and abound change, to achieve the purpose of improving efficiency.

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