How to start from personal habits choose furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

after the house decorate good, many people began to choose furniture. Actually furniture to choose rational and perceptual, the aesthetic is function, we should start from the use of personal habits to consider.

from the habits of individuals choose furniture, actually to choose furniture of rational and emotional reasons, the aesthetic function. Starting from the use of personal habits, don't like to take a hard chair can buy wooden furniture shall not be obliged to follow the trend, people like to lie down to buy a footstool attached but the owner of the back straight chair is inferior to choose a comfortable the mustang leisure chair. There are designers think the space that occupy the home of the sitting room is bound to have a three people a sofa. Because can take many people and in the invisible improve family intimacy. Choose the adjustable Angle and the height of the sofa chair, hardware durability is very important. Brand furniture will provide hardware test value reference for consumers, usually to adjust how many times after the hardware will produce fatigue phenomenon.

in addition from the habits of individuals choose furniture, also in combination with the practical situation of the house. Have French window of the sitting room scene, in order not to view will block, not suitable for volume and quantity body big furniture, can choose a transparent chair rather than quantity body feeling heavy sofa, also be feet frame type instead of be born type chair or sofa. Rule applies before ambry, corresponding relationship from building weight on the actual situation. Less change with a weight at the same time may also be placed on the location of the real heavy furniture, the maneuverability of the function or move a line position to place a lightweight can move footrest or single chair, even near the main sofa and tea table, throw a few big pillow.

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