How to shoot the classical furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-27

classical furniture there are plenty of advantages, first of all, he has a classic beauty, but also can meet the needs of different groups for household life. So many consumers choose to classical furniture is for this reason. So how to shoot the classical furniture, so what is shooting skills.

shooting skill of classical furniture

a, adjust measures to local conditions to

1, for the light color of the bedroom, use a light lambency box as the main light source, put on your baby's party, another lamp to the ceiling or wall, using the reflected light brightens the room light, making the downy and sweet atmosphere. The child's range is mainly on the bed, picture gives priority to color with pale pink and pale violet.

2, in the study, wooden brunet furniture is more, the picture color change. Choose the backlight, then fill reflector, to foil atmosphere.

3, the space of the sitting room is bigger, the luminaires are also more diversified, but the lighting principle is the same, that is before the subject above, Side of the side or side) There is only one light source, the other a lamp and reflector for contours or supplement the spot light. The location can choose on the sofa, the carpet or the window.

4, some of the scenes of the light effect is good, in order to show the scene atmosphere, when shooting didn't use flash light, only with proper fill light reflector.

2, understand the household style in the communication with customers in advance, we mainly understand its decoration style and light conditions, in order to select appropriate photographic equipment. It is very important. For contracted modern decoration style, the color will give priority to with shallow light color, with light condition is very good, will try to tend to give priority to with natural light, the lamps and lanterns or reflector is complementary way, with the equipment will also be different. In fact this is not only choose a few lights, but to understand its taste, from the customer's household environment is its good to take pictures for his favorite style, this late to choose amplification also has a lot to do, because hanging at home in the enlarged photo must be suitable for its household style. In short, in according to the household, the key is improvisation, no suitable scene, only not appropriate way, more understanding, more communication with customers, taken out of the home according to beg customers like more.

3, the late adjustment and commonly used method is to design our two or several images stitching together, in order to increase interest. 1, will be two pictures together to establish a mask, use the gradient tool will be two pictures together.

2, using the curve tool combined the tone of the picture carry bright, appropriate color order again tools will be a little fine-tuning warm color.

3, with stamp tool modified a little bit about the baby's skin. Take time to pay attention to the photographer's lighting and shading and the outline of a baby. And then make some change to the baby body skin color, let the baby skin looks more pink transparent.

4, gaussian blur the background, some diffusion process. Make a person more outstanding. Add a layer of light to the whole picture. 5, deserve to go up ornamental characters, rise to balance the picture and the effect that make the finishing point. Advocate the lamp + auxiliary lamp: flash try to simulate the scene to the layout of the light source. In general, the amount of light in the household environment is from above, therefore, should be the main lamp above to the character's side, and on the other side using a reflector light; Auxiliary lights traversed the ceiling to create soft reflect light, reflected light outline character contour, make people jump out from the background. Natural light + reflector: a large area of the window is to live in an important venue for filming. In general, we are in natural light reflector light, picture is clean and bright. If the weather's not very good, the window light is not very bright, we need to use flash as the main light. How to shoot the classical furniture, for example, would be taken to adjust measures to local conditions, and to understand the style of household, and so on, the use of the collocation of color and light, etc. , are some of the key. You need to know more related content, such ability are helpful to shoot.
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