How to set out from the space integral collocation choose furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01
Today, give you talk about how to choose furniture from space integral collocation.

a space collocation principles: consideration function first, then pick style tone

to want to build the atmosphere of the furniture. Set the tone for the space first, country, classical, new classical or modern heavy and complicated is concise, color pure or bright and colorful? Elegance sedate or lively design feeling strong? Decided to choose direction can save time and cost.

the space collocation principle 2: do not use previous idea to decide now space

to thinking about his new requirements. In a common family, about seven years as a transition period, with the passing years growth, demand for space use of also change, considering the future demand for the use of seven years does not found in 1, 2 years can use space and furniture. Architecture and interior space is used, should not only express his aesthetic point of view, and should focus on harmonious relationship between human and environment and places. Space and furniture should follow up to our way of life.

the space collocation principle 3: pitch before decorate space and furniture accessories

in space and furniture all pitch again after decorating accessories, such as bedding, curtain to the plant and the flower, and stressed that the most important is a style of tableware can appropriate space, money is not equal to taste, depending on the aesthetics of the residents. Many reading magazines, pay attention to the film scene layout, you can find the inspiration.

the space collocation principle 4: similar style, material of furniture is given priority to

any space, by the few had three kinds of color combinations, can provide the comfortable feeling on the vision. Furniture is not necessary for the same brand, the most difficult choice method of failure is similar style, material, driven mix build agitation is limited to no more than two kinds of style, too. Space, for example, clean lines, sundry receive place, the curtain for simple plain coloured curtain, can choose the same line is concise associate the modern furniture and modelling of rugged item as an ornament.

the space collocation principle 5: choose furniture directly factory purchasing

to factory purchasing furniture and operated, can buy the most valuable furniture, clear material, finished product inspection is made consumers more trust.

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