How to select and maintain European pastoral sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-20

sofa, in each of our families are essential to a piece of furniture, so for the choose and buy of sofa, can be said to be the people are very seriously, especially in the process of the family is decorated, a suitable sofa, can give the whole decorate add many colors, in all kinds of sofa, European rural sofa are popular with more and more consumers, it has become a lot of people in the sofa of choose and buy when the first choice, in this paper, we have to introduce for everybody: European rural sofa price, as well as European rural couch about how to choose and to maintain.

European rural sofa prices?

European rural the price according to the single piece of sofa as well as the combination of different ways, the price also has a lot of change, if it is a small family with one or two people live in Nordic simple sofa, the price is in commonly 539 yuan or so, and the combination of large sofa, its price is about to thousands of yuan, for example, now many domestic brand of Saudi Arabia, as well as art dimensions and so on, as long as it is with the Angle and the recliner, its price is around 4300. Of course, if you love a European rural pastoral or Mediterranean style sofa sofa, its price is in 1780 yuan, to some extent, this kind of sofa is value type.

European rural couch about how to choose and maintain?

1, European rural sofa is how to choose as the new favorite of modern home outfit, now a lot of friends are keen to buy after the 80 European rural sofa, we should first consider when choosing easy to wash, you know, sofa seat, back cover should be for the structure of the loop, and high-grade pastoral sofa will have cotton lining, other easy to dirty parts should it is possible to change. Second, sofa fabric should be thick as far as possible, such ability can't afford to durable ball. Most European rural sofa internal will have a lot of filler, so we want to observe whether cloth is clingy and level off, the whole sofa it is very important to keep the crisp.

2, European rural pastoral how to maintenance and cleaning of luxury classic sofa sofa cleaning cycle is usually once a year, we need to use special cleaning cloth to clean the pastoral sofa, when after cleaning the sofa must pay attention to cleaner scrub clean with a dry towel. Second, European rural sofa is easier to hide junction, therefore, once the dust accumulated for a long time, will affect the service life of sofa, therefore, we want to do a vacuum once a week.

rural sofa has been will bring us a feeling of soft close, including the appearance of the European pastoral sofa with its nature of atmospheric material selection, now has won many customers, but we often don't know when European rural sofa of choose and buy the price quotation, hope that through this article to European rural sofa price, European rural sofa is about how to choose and maintenance, to be able to let everybody know more about him.

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