How to rust stainless steel furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

really stainless steel does not rust? Of course not, just a layer of stainless steel surface passivation membrane, oxidation corrosion speed is slow, especially under the condition of maintenance work not ready we'll look at how to maintain the stainless steel furniture?

1。 Surface had better not have Nick, such as stainless steel table or chair leg, all can get a layer of cloth, already beautiful protection.

2。 Generally clear stainless steel surface with soap or warm water, there is no need to use professional detergent.

3。 If step 2 don't work, it is commonly grease, can use soft cloth to clean first, then use neutral detergent to wash again, pay attention to is neutral.

4。 If you can't be removed or with weak detergent, alcohol or hard scrub.

5。 Materials such as stainless steel surface if there is acid or alkaline, immediately rinse with water, then use neutral detergent in general it's nothing.

another is already rust, must not with gauze, sandpaper to rub, will leave traces. Can use cotton dipped into acids liquid polishing is good ( The sulfuric acid and acetone) , no polishing marks. This method is online, I didn't try.

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