How to renovate dermal sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-05

we know that the dermal sofa is very durable, generally do not need to be renovated. A good leather sofa in ten years, twenty years is not bad. You may ask, what makes a good leather sofa? The answer is made the first layer of cow leather sofa. If accidentally bought fake leather sofa, useless years begin to peel, and don't want to buy a new sofa, how to renovate? Let emperor, small make up a thing or two.

in the first place, can go up lacquer. If there is no hole surface of leather sofa, just stain, fade, wear, crack, can use this method. Repair wear and cracks on the surface of the sofa and modulation and same leather sofa color paint on the back again, can make leather sofa if brightness is new.

there is a kind of, stick a skin. If leather sofa heavily damaged on surface, with holes, cannot directly on the paint. To damage location on the sofa with intact skin, overall for the sofa to paint again, or a complete set of all leather sofa renovation is also possible.

emperor dermal sofa, adopt the high-quality imported head layer made of cow leather, durable, do not need to be renovated.

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