How to realize the contracted decorate of contemporary and contracted furniture restaurant

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-29

contemporary and contracted furniture decorate, pay attention to the effect of the simple and practical. The essence of contracted creed is cancelled exterior excess vanity to show home original features, by the simple image or symbol to construct space; On the structure, simplify the system structure, compact structures, pay attention to the logical structure, make it produce no barriers, or very few barriers of architectural space.

simple agile table dining chair, personality and the modelling of prominent meals chandeliers, echo of clever collocation, make the space atmosphere more graceful; Use and restaurant style furniture to choose the same color homology, forming a perfect visual aesthetic feeling, wall ark side requires the function to receive and spatial segregation effect. In addition to retain the most basic storage in the kitchen, washing, cooking, and other functions, has been difficult to find other unnecessary things, such as a knife and fork utility is only meet the basic demand of housewife, rather than more let a person can't tell how to use the various tools.

simple of what cumbersome functions are omitted, the design of bottom ark also abandon the traditional erected on the ground, in the form of water, electricity, gas pipeline were hidden inside a wall. Light color is the best colour of minimalism, contracted with light color in the kitchen, can put the seemingly narrow space with a sense of perspective reach the effect of longitudinal stretch.

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