How to prolong the service life of furniture

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

in the family decoration, furniture appliances are the big-ticket items in the home, and are durable consumables, many people expect their furniture and appliances can use longer, especially furniture, due to its upgrading and transforming social traditions of frequency is relatively lower. But furniture in spite of the use, if you don't have a good maintenance, otherwise maybe in five years, maybe you took three years to waste, and if you are a good maintenance, may also use life can extend for several years. So how do you make furniture maintenance? As long as don't make the following 11 kinds of mistakes can effectively prolong the service life of furniture.

1, don't use coarse or old clothes to swab furniture. Due to the thick coarse fiber contrast, because there are a lot of stitches and buttons on his old clothes, all of these simple scratch furniture. It is best to cotton cloth, towel, good water imbibition such as flannel cloth or cotton cloth to wipe furniture.

2, don't spray wax on the leather furniture. Furniture maintenance spray wax can be used to spray woodiness furniture appearance, can't spray on the leather furniture. Once spray wax spray on it, you will cause leather pore jams, long leather will shorten aging and its use life. Moreover some people in order to make furniture looks more luster, some wax products directly alter on furniture, or use undeserved, can let the furniture appearance fog patches instead.

3, do not use with the soapy water and detergent wet cloth to scrub furniture. Because they are bound to corrosive, and can damage the furniture appearance, let furniture paint become bleak, if moisture penetration into the wood, will also cause wood mold or part deformation, cut short using life.

4, don't put furniture in the sun insolates, don't put the furniture in very humid places together. If furniture is the sun, can the furniture surface paint to bask in the bad, the paint in the case of high temperature will evaporate, color changed over time, lead to degum, craze, formaldehyde also are more likely to evaporate. And if a tide, it is easy to snake, mildew, corrosion and furniture.

5, don't place a high concentration of alcohol, banana oil on the surface of the table and starts boiling hot stuff such as boiling water, these will damage the paint.

6, do not wash with water plywood manufacturing furniture, don't be soaking in alkaline, avoid splint degumming or glue.

7, do not use with furniture is not the same as the original paint colour pigments with putty mix well with embedded furniture fracture plugging after, avoid scarring.

8, don't use dry cloth furniture appearance of dust. Because of the dust is formed by fiber, sandy soil and silica, habit of a lot of people with dry dishcloth to clean scrub furniture appearance. Originally these fine particles in the friction of scrub back and forth, has harmed the furniture paint. Although these scratch very little, even naked eye cannot see, but is impossible, can cause furniture looks dim rough, light no longer.

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