How to preventive maintenance and metal furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

how to preventive maintenance and metal furniture? 1. Chrome plated furniture aluminum furniture is put in moisture, otherwise easy to rust, even lead to coating fall off. Chrome plated film such as a brown spot, with a neutral oil often wipe, can prevent the extension to expand. Such as rust, usable cotton silk or brush dips in besmear in rust is in the oil, reciprocating wipe again after a short, until rust removal, absolutely not with sandpaper. At ordinary times unused, furniture can be plated on the chromium plating layer coating a layer of rust inhibitor, in a dry place. 2. Furniture is real high quality furniture of titanium coating of titanium coating is not rust, but still had better less contact with water, often with dry cotton silk or cloth to wipe clean, to keep them bright and beautiful. 3. Plastic furniture plastic furniture such as a stain, can use wet cotton cloth wipe with dry cloth wipe again after dry, be careful not to retain moisture. 4. Points should be paid attention to in the use of either kind of coating of metal furniture, the move should take put down light, avoid knock against. To avoid hitting hard metal parts, such as fruit knife, key pendant, lest cause scratch. Don't too hard when folding, ensure the folding mechanism is not damaged.

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