How to prevent furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-04
How to prevent furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp? Board type furniture custom small make up in order to achieve the ideal effect of moisture proof, moistureproof work must adapt to local conditions. No matter what the weather, the bedroom, sitting room and a study is not very damp, which is different from the bathroom and kitchen. So, don't need for bedroom, sitting room and study methods of special moistureproof. Do the fundamental point is enough. When the weather is sunny, open all doors and Windows to accelerate the evaporation of the indoor humidity. But, has the highest external air humidity at noon. Is unfavorable open a window, can open in the afternoon or evening. 1. Avoid to use wet cloth to wipe furniture, or water vapor will penetrate into furniture, and make it worse. If there are signs of mildew, please try to use special cleaner undertakes to wipe, eliminate the mold at the same time, add a layer of protective film on the furniture. 2. If solid wood furniture paint or missing wax, it is recommended that the wax in time, in order to prevent the internal moisture loss and cause cracking, at the same time avoid external water into and out of shape. Exo desiccant today, in the supermarket, there are many desiccant used exclusively for moistureproof and dehumidification. Common is hygroscopic box and desiccant bags of these two types. Hygroscopic box with various smell, for example, lemon, lavender, orange, etc. , they can make the house full of fragrance, and is suitable for the large space of daily life, such as sitting room, room, bathroom and kitchen. Use after a period of time, can remove the moisture absorption box of the material, then buy in bulk desiccant and put it in the box to use again. Quick lime but also has good water absorption and dehumidifying effect. Wrap quicklime in open containers or newspaper, every square metre is using about a pound of quick lime. Lump lime can be more intuitive understanding of the quicklime whether and when to replace. Because quick lime to absorb water and turned into calcium hydroxide, absorb a certain amount of water, lime gradually turned into powder, color is darker. 438 keywords: prevent furniture be affected with damp be affected with damp, furniture manufacturers, furniture
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