How to match the furniture to be able to reflect unique modern recreational style

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

how can reflect unique modern recreational style furniture collocation, the sitting room is the main position, and users don't understand how to match to highlight what you want to style, often combine the Chinese elements and western elements, to make you feel at home, how to match, how to configure the color are very exquisite. Among them, the colour collocation of the sitting room furniture is the key to the indoor environment, living room, from the point of view of hospitality, maybe it's just a place of rest. However, for oneself, the sitting room is reflect their grade, from small details in a person's value accomplishment and family tianlun, nest in the small world of watching TV together. So what are sitting room furniture collocation skill?

1, the sitting room furniture collocation should pay attention to style

there are many kinds of household decorates a style, and the sitting room is to grasp the overall style, the style of other room is can not change the overall style. You can choose according to his be fond of, such as Chinese style, western-style style, classical style, the new classical style or modern style, and so on. The condole top, wallpaper can be just the right amount of outstanding style.

2 match, living room furniture should pay attention to personality

personality and style are two different concepts, don't confuse the two ideas. Personality is the lobby hall should adopt something very individual character, detail reflects personal taste, so also can highlight master life taste. Such as choosing some modern classic furniture in the home, such as egg chair, the chair was Barcelona chair this modern leisure furniture, put in the sitting room can reflect on life meticulously, the sitting room is contracted, northern Europe, creative style stand out.

( 1) Classification: considering the role of the furniture, can put in what position, can have what effect, comfort, in the face of all things, shall be classified according to the function: entertainment items, used for decoration of things, eating utensils, etc. , can also according to the frequency of use. In a word, classify is the first step, good points after class to use put words can more clearly, get the things won't change, don't start feeling.

( 2) Simple: in order to better the living room and reduce the appropriate items, something is not in the quarter in the utility room, and put them in the bedroom or between other sundry reserves; Some long time no, almost useless things, get rid of it. To do so, on the one hand, is conducive to better make use of the sitting room, on the other hand, new living room can more show its new home.

( 3) Positioning: classification of downsizing after can receive the official start of the storage work. On the receive location arrangement, don't put something on a piece of good class, and to locate items according to the classification.

( 4) Calculation: the blank is useful. Space is to rely on their own creation arranged roughly what kind of what kind of storage items to home, after this time you will find there is a little bit of sundry place. How to do? Then should look to transfer to had been forgotten. Such as walls, seemingly useless white wall of one side.

( 5) Collocation: make your living room towards personalization. Collocation to consider home space, color, and individual preferences, to choose a different size, different style, different function, different material storage products clever collocation big furniture to increase the use value of the goods, here in the modern leisure furniture style, for example, contracted and contracted in the beautiful and practical, can match the Barcelona Chair Barcelona Chair, Noel Sofa Florence Knoll Sofa, imran, recreational Chair, Eames Lounge Chair, Chair of the uterus Womb Chair and so on modern leisure furniture.

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