How to maintain your brand solid wood furniture appearance

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-05
A taste of home, in addition to the exquisite decoration, not missing, is a set of good furniture. For like the new Chinese friends, has a delicate appearance, good quality solid wood furniture can make living environment more graces many. Pay attention to brand solid wood furniture surface cleaning maintenance, timing with pure cotton dry soft cloth gently wipe the surface dust, every once in a while, with twist dry wet cotton silk will furniture corner place dust carefully wipe clean, with a clean dry soft cotton cloth to wipe. Avoid hard scratch when cleaning, do not make clean tool touch the furniture, at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect its surface appear trace bruised. Maintain the stability of the environment, pure solid wood furniture when use, should try to maintain the stability of the environment. Especially the temperature and humidity should not be violent change, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the furniture. Avoid direct sunlight brand solid wood furniture, should try to avoid the sunshine outdoor to furniture whole or partial long time exposure, it put the position to avoid sun exposure in place, with a transparent gauze curtain or direct sunlight, so, do not affect indoor daylighting, and protecting the indoor furniture. In in addition to the above several aspects, the use of furniture need to be aware of problems in the market still have a lot of, but we also only in this way, from the perspective of the tiny link, to better use furniture equipment maintenance. As the manufacturer of solid wood furniture in the market at the same time, the real wood furniture will be for the majority of users to improve the quality of all kinds of high quality solid wood furniture equipment, looking forward to cooperating with you! Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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