How to maintain the delicate life brand solid wood furniture?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-27
Any furniture not buy back simple're done placed in the bedroom, using and maintenance of the process is the most important thing. We should fully understand the nature of the furniture, cleaning and maintenance skills, so as to prolong its service life. Have great influences on the temperature and humidity of hangzhou solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture is the most suitable temperature to place a plaice is a place in 18 to 24 degrees, the temperature too high too low will affect the service life of furniture. And also note that avoid placing furniture near the source of heat or air conditioning tuyere position, because of severe temperature changes leads to furniture damaged 'appearance', affect the service life. Hangzhou humidity solid wood furniture should keep within the environment of 35 to 40 degrees. If in damp environment for a long time will furniture, solid wood parts, such as solid wood drawer front for expansion and deformation brand solid wood furniture is made from wood, wood itself will change because of the change of the surrounding environment, dry and cold in winter, originally the indoor humidity is low, coupled with the heat preservation measures, the interior is more dry, solid wood furniture can crack because of lack of water, once appear, problem such as craze, deformation, is irreversible. Humidity is too big, there will be rotten, the expansion of the problem. Winter indoor humidity than outdoor rather higher, therefore, open a window ventilated, winter will only make the cold air outside to come in, make indoor dry. Therefore, it is recommended that the real wood furniture is more families in the home, in the winter should reduce the time and the number of open a window ventilated, in order to keep indoor humidity. Also, hangzhou solid wood furniture should avoid placed in air vents. The winter of solid wood furniture wax regularly. Waxing can not only effectively locks in the moisture of solid wood furniture, at the same time can make furniture looks more luster, surface is not easy to dust, and more easy to clean. Under normal circumstances, only played in a wax can each quarter, excessive waxing will damage the appearance of furniture coatings. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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