How to maintain pure cotton texture of cloth art sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

furniture.com/classic-sofa' target='_blank'>sofa is each family essential household items, but easy to damage, cloth art sofa is not good. In the process of use and maintenance, need to pay attention to what issues? Sunshine is easy to cause non-ferrous material fade, so will accelerate the ageing of cloth art furniture. When in use and maintenance of cloth art sofa, might as well pay attention to the following: 2. Make sofa against the wall parts maintain 0 with walls. 5 - 1 cm gap. 1. Avoid direct sunlight, it is better to put in the place where can avoid sunlight, or use the translucent gauze curtain separates the sunlight. 3. Such as stained with besmirch, usable and clean dishcloth dips in water wipe, to avoid leave print, had better wipe from besmirch periphery case. Velvet furniture cannot dip in water, dry cleaner should be used. 4. Vacuum at least once a week, especially pay attention to removing dust between the fabric structure. 5. Sofa cushion flip once a week, make wear uniform distribution. 6. All the tubes and bushing should be cleaned to dry-clean means, cannot be washed, more cannot be bleached. 7. If found loose thread ends, don't break with the hand, had better use scissors neatly cut flat thread ends.

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