How to maintain annatto sofa

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-29

there are a lot of Chinese families like to choose annatto sofa, but annatto the follow-up maintenance of sofa is very trouble, how should maintain annatto sofa? Small make up take you take a look at.

1, the annatto furniture of the room, avoid by all means is indoor temperature is too high, general with people in the indoor comfortable wearing sweater is advisable. Spring, autumn and winter season, three if indoor air is dry, should be near the furniture, or put a few water in the basin at the top, bottom, conditional spray humidifier wet (available Not water directly into the furniture) , can also be used in indoor fish, flowers, also can rise to adjust the effect of indoor air humidity.

2, dust removal, cleaning the dirt at the bottom of the furniture, choose a small area, using humidifier on furniture humidification slightly cracked furniture, humidity control at eight 12%, humidifying time 6 hours, wait for 12 hours after humidification oiling. Humidification, then USES the mahogany special-purpose walnut oil, small area cleansing oil, less oil. Don't erase immediately after wiping oil, can wait for 48 hours, let furniture finished absorption.

3, surface not to place cup of hot water. In order to protect annatto furniture panels from scratch, and to show the texture, the general should be placed on mesa plate glass, and separated by small suction cup pad.

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