How to let dining-room decorate a design no longer drab

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-04
How to let dining-room decorate a design no longer drab dining-room, sitting room is open space, the place that the family communication and repast, all is the must place to promote family harmony. Because of this, many of the dining-room decorate rendering together have dining-room, sitting room decorate, so each other no longer lonely, today will give you sum up the experiences of some guest integrated design of the restaurant. A different areas, with a low ceiling height to create partitions are made the gypsum ceiling partition between dining-room and sitting room, two regions respectively using the furniture of different colors to show distinction. In addition to condole with different heights, and two area highly different droplight, also can let a person has the feeling of space differences. Second, USES the pendent lamp of droplight to distinguish the most simple, is also the Chinese family is the most common color with metope color uniform design table. Candlestick and droplight is different from the northern wind, of the sitting room with a European court. Two small bright spot in the corner of the sitting room isolated. Sitting room dining-room integration design faults since the integrated design of the sitting room dining-room advantages is to make the space look bigger, so it may be more suitable for the small family house, for larger bedroom space may be slightly dull. Sitting room dining-room integration design advantages: small family decorate is restricted, why do you say that? Because it is small so there is no extra space to waste, so reasonable use a space, create a comfortable not depressive living environment is particularly important, especially in the sitting room and dining-room activities more time. The importance of dining room furniture dining room furniture, just as its name implies is the dining room furniture, dining room is divided into civil restaurant ( Home restaurant) And public restaurant ( The hotel, restaurant, hotel, etc. ) 。 As with the world community, people more and more high to the requirement of dining room furniture. Restaurant tables and chairs for fashion, concise, fashionable, feeling giving a person fancy style, create a comfortable dining environment. Relevant tags: dining room furniture
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