How to judge board type furniture with what cover?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-09-05

high-grade board type furniture generally use real wood veneers, common are black walnut, cherry, teak, northeast China ash, Chinese catalpa wood, etc. Federal have paste mywood leather furniture, jian wei of cherry wood series, the series of sibutramine oak, dynasty the holy wood series are solid wood veneered furniture.

to determine the method of board type furniture

sticker is refers to the plate surface 3 get together the tibia amine board, wood grain paper chemical panels, such as the jian wei series of white oak, red apple, Hong Kong dynasty, jiahao any room in sticker furniture technology most superb, reach the point of a few can be spurious.

to be clear furniture is stick wood furniture or furniture of stickers, the easiest way is to observe patterns, real wood veneers with natural knots, color and texture changes, then there is touch, touch is different, solid wood veneered AoTuGan, stereo feeling. Second is pay attention to the merits of the edge banding material, sealing side have the phenomenon of uneven, cock.

the lacquer that bake technology is more and more advanced

in the low end of the board type furniture, also can see the traditional painting process. While in the high-end board type furniture, more for the lacquer that bake, is the best piano lacquer that bake board type furniture, this is also the surface of board type furniture is the most commonly used process. It is understood that at present most of the lacquer that bake to eight layer, general and high grade of board type furniture is six layers of the lacquer that bake lacquer that bake.

furniture base material of the lacquer that bake is medium density board, commonly on the polished surface, primer, baking, polishing, points of light, matte and metallic paint, advantage is colourful, visual impact is strong; Moistureproof, waterproof properties is superior. Easy to clean, no oil leakage, do not fade.

board type furniture of choose and buy tips:

is the most intuitive hardware fittings are the key hardware fittings quality standards, good hardware to switch freely, without noise, surface coating without peeling phenomenon. Some of the hardware of high-grade board type furniture is imported, the foreign signs can be found above. Metal parts require dexterity, smooth, good surface plating treatment, there can be no rust, burr, etc. , with a higher precision, rotating flexible open fittings requirement.

sealing side cover effect quality

carefully looking for flaws, sealing side quality significantly affects the quality of the furniture. First, the merits of the edge banding material, and second should pay attention to the sealing side to see if there is uneven, cock phenomenon. Good sealing side should fit the whole plate.

panel quality examine carefully check the plank on the edge, the decorative parts of glue is even, bonding is strong, trimming whether level off is smooth, parts under the side plate, door plank, the drawer panel whether the visual part of mouth end face sealing side, fine decoration plate edge profile on touch no traces of adhesive.

the tongue-and-groove combined basically see the hole is delicate, neat, fittings installed whether firm, plane and end face have tee joint clearance after connection, with the hand push have loose phenomenon.

size has a standard

the furniture on the market at present basically is given priority to with complete sets of bedroom furniture and office furniture, cabinets and other products there are some function. And the size of the furniture national standard regulations and requirements.

as specified wardrobe hanging inside the wardrobe space depth should be greater than or equal to 530 mm, the table class furniture height is 680 mm to 760 mm high, bookcase clearance between the layers should be greater than or equal to 230 mm to 310 mm, etc. If less than the specified size, furniture use will bring so much inconvenience.
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