How to identify the brand solid wood furniture solid wood really

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-04
Buy home it's really true brand solid wood furniture solid wood, how to identify, furniture group co. , LTD. , to teach you a few simple about it. Can generally simpler with the following standard to judge the furniture is solid wood: natural unmannered texture. In general, the real wood furniture there are few perfect texture, wood based on completely natural growth environment change constantly, and this change can reflect on the appearance of the lumber itself, the most solid wood furniture is the natural color, and the texture is mostly have certain differences. And 'real wood' as appearance can stick a skin, or some other technology makes the texture has a strong 'a mold come out' feeling, the appearance is not 'be perfect', 'basically, this kind of wood is real wood but processed wood. And since the production of solid wood furniture USES the native wood blocks, so consumers can see real wood furniture appearance and relative to the location of the back, if the texture with scar section is a corresponding is pure real wood. But there is a most the most simple and crude method, is to open it! Artificial plank can very intuitive to see the appearance of different materials together, texture and color can appear very abrupt, although there will be color difference and real wood material texture difference, however, the transition of various differences or very soft will not have any acosmia feeling. Finally to tell everybody, furniture group co. , LTD. , as the leader of the brand solid wood furniture, production and sales of solid wood furniture is real real real wood, you can rest assured the choose and buy. Relevant tags: brand solid wood furniture
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