How to do the correct hotel furniture moistureproof processing?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-12-27
In the rainy season, the relative humidity is big, the wet environment so some adverse effects on the hotel furniture. How do moistureproof work for hotel furniture, can do maintenance of hotel furniture, become a top priority in the hospitality industry. How to prepare for hotel furniture moistureproof processing? A: properly placed furniture placed hotel furniture field to manipulate the air humidity around 50%, as far as possible, stay away from Windows. If is bungalow, moderately to hotel furniture, prevent foot get damp etching; Also can use thin soft mat will touch the location of the hotel furniture with pavement space, at the same time keeping the position of hotel furniture wall with metope 0. 5 - 1 cm space in case the hotel furniture for a long time to stick on the back wall get damp and etching deformation. Is best, can give the hotel furniture legs set of copper set foot on purpose to achieve protective surface moisture. 2: moistureproof agent, waterproof store has a lot of quick lime powder to the hygroscopic box of waterproof and moisture and moisture bag, manic objects and activated carbon, buy a home can be placed in the hotel furniture cabinets, wardrobe, or be affected with damp be affected with damp in the corner. But pay attention to when the application through the period of time, want to get off the chemicals in the box or bag, put some lime or other scattered said again moistureproof agent application again. With water absorption resin and wood for making carbon raw material is suitable for wet package is placed in the interior space smaller parts, such as wardrobe, shoe rack closed indoor space can hang a pack. 3: home appliance equipment dehumidification in the wet environment, also can choose home appliance equipment and wet. Air conditioning usually go to the wet effect, often if rainy day room environment humidity is too big, can be applied to wet air conditioning in the room. Special attention is, use air conditioning dehumidification function works slowly, usually must be an hour or two; When blow air conditioning is not suitable for the hotel furniture straight blow, can use special smoke wet machine quickly. In addition, hotel furniture also should as far as possible put an end to radiator such as machinery and equipment.
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