How to do a good job of cleaning the sitting room cloth art sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-08-01

some people like leather sofa, sitting room besides coriaceous sofa looks have qualitative feeling, also easy to clean, so sitting room cloth art sofa, it is hard to clean it? In fact as long as you use the right method, the sitting room cloth art sofa clean up also is very convenient, and the sitting room cloth art sofa can also in different design and color of the sand issued, can match better with the sitting room style.

1, the sitting room cloth art sofa should be regularly vacuuming, vacuum cleaner once a week, if you can better. Don't brush with suction aspiration, and avoid destroying the knit line on the sofa, cannot open more vigorously to suck, or may be directly led to the vacuum cleaner knit line break. It is best to vacuum cleaner fitted with flat head, then the suction adjustment to moderate, the armrest of sitting room cloth art sofa, cushion and gap is important to clean the parts.

2, careless when dirty cloth art sofa, sitting room, in a timely manner with a clean white cloth dipped into alcohol in dirty place again and again to wipe, to remove stains, such as can not remove, please professional cleaning company to deal with right away, once didn't handle more than 48 hours, it is hard to remove stains. Remember that can't use a lot of water scrubbing, this will lead to water seeping into the sofa lining, sofa, be affected with damp be affected with damp, the frame deformation caused by sand release shrink, and affect the whole appearance of the sitting room cloth art sofa.

3, use cloth art sofa sitting room after a period of time, had better ask professional cleaning company to clean, to maintain a high quality of life, the sitting room cloth art sofa need to be cleaned at least once a year.

4, the new buy back or just cleaned cloth art sofa, sitting room can be fantasy fabric antifouling agent again, anti-fouling, dustproof, prevent bacteria within the year, mouldproof, easy to clean.

5, the sheath of the sitting room cloth art sofa general cleaning. The elastic sofa cover can use the washing machine in the home, the larger the linen or cotton jacket is to get the services. Some elastic sheath is easy to dry from iron, even to iron also want to consider the modelling of the appearance of the fabric and set on the sofa, so iron sheathed inside more appropriate. If it is cotton sheath shoulds not be ironed.

6, if found loose thread ends, had better use scissors neatly cut flat. Some external fabrics such as bushing, if conditional best dry cleaning, and then use the fabric protectant spray one more time.

7, at ordinary times maintain flap available dry towel, or wet and dry with a white towel to no drop of water, will right amount of clean water is sprayed on the towel, the place of besmirch wipe cloth, cooperate with a soft brush brush down fabric direction, use a wet towel to wipe clean water after clean.

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