How to differentiate from the shape sitting room sofa?

by:James Bond Furniture     2020-07-30

the sitting room sofa is the most important part of modern household soft outfit, it not only has the practical function, also to a great extent, affects the whole household style show. So, the choose and buy of the sitting room sofa strategy? What are those? Below, a living room sofa for everybody how to differentiate from the appearance.

1, according to the shape sitting room sofa: divided into low back sofa

lower back of the sitting room sofa to use relatively light, belong to the type of sofa to rest. Low back sitting room sofa mainly have the effect of the waist of the retainer users, this kind of sofa backrest height is not high, usually from the chair face about 370 mm, the Angle of the back of a chair is not much, is helpful to relax. Low back type of sitting room sofa cover an area of an area small, easy to carry, not easy to block the line of sight, etc.

2, according to the shape of dividing the living room sofa: tall back sofa

the sitting room of tall back sofa is also called airline seats, evolve from deck chair and it came from. The sitting room of tall back sofa has three fulcrum, can make the person's waist, shoulder, back of the head on the surface on the back of a chair at the same time. Some tall back sofa also can match a footstool, further improve the comfort, a footstool a high height and sofa is the same.

3, according to the appearance of sofa: divided into common sofa

common sofa is a common household living room sofa. It has two strong point bear the lumbar that holds the user, thoracic vertebra, can achieve the result that cooperates curved surface with body back photograph. Average sitting room width of sofa seat surface also shoulds not be too large, usually within 540 mm according to the standard requirements, so that the user can adjust sitting position at will, sit feeling will be more comfortable.

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