How to differentiate between dermal sofa leather or imitation?

by:James Bond Furniture     2021-01-16

leather sofa wholesale: how to distinguish real leather or imitation leather. Many consumers don't know how to distinguish the genuine leather and imitation leather, the leather in the purchase of furniture, is the first big problem. And the emperor furniture recommend a simple method:

jas emperor sofa touching: touch the surface with the hand, leather feels smooth and exquisite, soft and good elasticity, and imitation leather handle hard, no flexibility. You push hard on the surface, with finger pressing method: leather stress point with finger subsidence, form carefully fold pattern, after letting go can bounce back quickly. And faux fur leather hard, finger press stress points can form a circle hole, near no fold, let go after reply is slow. Popular point, if the dermatoglyph gathered to press, that is real leather. Free is also a method, I heard, I also went to the experiment. Is the buckle with nails in the skin, if deduct mark immediately restore, basic is certainly real leather, if the button to restore the slow or not, it is artificial leather.

dermal sofa is there any damage for pregnant women

a few articles, we wrote an article on the dermal sofa did harm to infants, there are many customers ask dermal sofa in pregnant women have hurt? The leather sofa for baby didn't hurt that is harmful to pregnant women? The answer is certainly no harm.

it's the same reason: dermal sofa won't produce poisonous breath, there is no damage to human body, cowhide, like a person's skin, smooth, soft, plump and elastic. Here we see the leather sofa:
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